Andrey Rakhubovsky

My name is Andrey Rakhubovsky (approximately Rakh - hoo - bof - ski with the stress on the o before f), I am a postdoc in the group of Prof. Radim Filip in the Department of Optics of Palack√Ĺ University (Olomouc, Czech Republic). My current research interests are in the field of the theoretical Pulsed Quantum Optomechanics. In simple words, we study the interaction of very short optical (or microwave) pulses with tiny swings at the level of individual quanta. You can learn more about this from our papers, which are available via arxiv, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Orcid etc.

I did my Ph. D. under kind supervision of Prof. S. P. Vyatchanin in Moscow in group of Quantum Measurements then led by V. B. Braginsky. My thesis dealt with enhancement of gravitational-wave detectors by optical springs.

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