How To: Moving to Olomouc


Here are my notes summarizing answers to some questions regarding visiting and/or moving to Olomouc that I had myself, and got asked by other people. Hopefully, someone finds it useful! There are lots of tourist guides around, I focus here on the points that I found particularly important for myself. Note that everything on this page is provided “as is” for the information purpose only: use it at your own risk!

General Information: Country, Language and Money

Reaching Olomouc

Transportation in Olomouc

Getting Visa

The ones who won the lottery of life by being born in a country of powerful passports can happily skip this section.

So you made a short visit to Olomouc, loved the city and the university, and decided to come here for a postdoc (or to do a Ph. D. with us). Great! If you are a third country national, you need a visa to come and work in Olomouc.

Renting Flat

In the end, renting is always risky, and there is no guarantee to be fully safe. The flat we rented in 2016 used to not have the hot water after 22:00. Apparently this was by agreement of the locals with the water provider, I guess they saved a few pennies on that. I learned that by an experiment going to the shower around 21:59. I had no idea this can be possible, no one told me about that, and I doubt I could do something to find it out before moving in.

Minor things